On The Road Dispatching Services

We are a full-service transportation dispatching company.

We dispatch for hotshots, flatbeds, dry vans, and stepdecks.


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Our Services

We specialize in dispatching for hotshots, flatbeds, dry vans, and stepdecks. With a great dispatching service, like us, we partner with you to help run a successful dispatching service.

We Provide the following:

  • Finding Loads so the driver can focus on the driving part.
  • Fill out all necessary paperwork to save our carriers time. Do not worry we handle the back office process. (Carrier setup packet, ratesheets, etc) 
  • Do credit checks on shippers/brokers to confirm good payment history.
  • Great knowledge of the freight industry 
  • Assigning loads and managing drivers. We get to know your drivers, how many HOS they have remaining, the route and their time availability. 
  • Maintaining motor carrier compliance. 
  • Managing inclement weather dealys and/or issues that may arise. 
  • Provide great customer care. 
  • COMMUNICATION - Communication is key! in order for all parties to be successful we MUST communicate. 


About Us

As a dispatcher company we are dedicated to keeping your trucks on the road and making you the most money possible. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service and building on-going relationships with each successful load delivered. We dispatch for Hotshots, Flatbeds, Stepdecks, and Dry Vans that are willing to make money and run OTR. As of now we do not dispatch for box trucks or sprinter vans.  

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Please contact us by calling 678-978-0773 or email us at [email protected]

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